BSBC Fried Popcorn Recipe

19 Nov

Saying this is my #3 favorite snack probably doesn’t make you want to run out and make it.  BUT we make this at least once a week in my house.  If you’ve ever brought your kids to my house, you’ve had fried popcorn. 

It’s really buttered popcorn, but the method kind of reminds me more of frying.

I’ve eaten all kinds of popcorn: microwave, jiffy pop, whirly pop, air popped, stove popped, movie theater (still my favorite with that SERIOUSLY bad for your fake butter), Target popcorn, which one cup of it is enough sodium for a lifetime, kettle popped, all of it! 

I was on a quest for the best home popped on the stove.  If like me, you wanted to find a way to add melted butter that didn’t seem like someone just poured a drink on the popcorn with some unbuttered and some just soggy!

This is the recipe for you.  It’s got a deep (fried) flavor from the oil and yumminess from the butter. 

Oil, Popcorn Salt, Kernels and Chopped Butter

BSBC Fried Popcorn Recipe

1/4 c. Vegetable Oil
3 kernels of Popcorn

2/3 c. Popcorn

4 T. Butter, sliced or cubed
shakins from your popcorn salt


In a good-sized pot heat 1/4 c. of vegetable oil.  Put in 3 kernels of corn immediately and cover the pot.  Heat should be around medium high.  You may have to swirl the pot around to get the kernels good and heated.  When the 3 kernels have popped, open lid and quickly and all at once drop in the 2/3 cup of popcorn and cover again, leaving the lid just slightly ajar or open for ventilation.  (If you don’t, the steam inside will create a big pot of instantly stale popcorn, yuck!)

At this point, just lightly swirl the pot so that most kernels get coated with oil.  You sing the popcorn song: “you put the oil in the pot and you let it get hot, you put the popcorn in and you start to grin!  Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, POP!  Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop!”

Pop almost all the kernels.  Turn off heat, because burnt popcorn is the worst.

Pour out half of the popped kernels into your large serving bowl.  Push the remaining 1/2 of popcorn to one side of the pot.  Drop the butter pieces in the hot pot and allow it to melt and stir in the popcorn to get well coated in the melted butter.  Stir this buttery popcorn to the rest and stir all together.  Shake desired amount of popcorn salt. 


Fried Popcorn!


Cook’s Notes:

– This makes about 4 quarts of popcorn, this is why you need to pour half out when you do the butter method and then rejoin the buttered with the non-buttered and they can live in unity!
– If you want a “light” version, as My Geek often does, just skip the butter all together, but you definitely need the cooking oil, as little as 2T and be sure to popcorn salt and PEPPER it!  Yum!

Hope you enjoy this Friday post, you will now all have a chance to make this sometime this weekend. 

BONUS RECIPE:  Homemade Pepper Spray
– Make popcorn as directed above
– At the oil stage add too much crushed red pepper and burn it, the rooms in your house will be filled with homemade pepper spray and no one can breathe and everyone will be coughing…well into bedtime.  I know I did this one year.


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